The Mr. Frost Story

Mr. Frost Distributors formerly, Mr. Frost Paint Correction and Detailing was founded in May 2017 by Stephen Molander. Prior to incorporation and since 2015, Stephen Molander operated part-time under the name Mr. Frost Mobile Detailing.

Stephen was first handed a grinder and a wool pad at the age of 5 years old. His dad planned to teach him to wet sand, cut, and polish his show vehicles as he didn’t have the patience to do so. After 25 years of helping friends and family clean up their rides, and taking care of a hand full of clients on a part-time basis, he realized his true passion. He gave up his general manager position in excavation and snow removal to pursue building a full-fledged paint correction and detailing business full time and it was the best decision he’s ever made.

As a third level auto-body technician with three years of training in body shops as a paint correction specialist, Stephen brings a unique expertise when it comes to working with his clients’ paint. He understands the application and the chemistry behind a paint job which allows him to provide a superior paint correction and polishing experience. He has also provided over 200 hours of professional detailing demonstrations and thousands of hours practicing his skills. He has prepped over 500 vehicles for car shows across Canada.

Our mission at Mr. Frost Distributors, is excellence in the maintenance and preservation of vehicles through multi-stage paint correction and the application of specialty protective coatings, while striving for an unrivaled customer service experience for our clients with all of our products.

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