Commercial Ceramic Coatings

Prices vary depending on the surface area of the vehicle/equipment, and the required level of protection. For Industrial and Commercial purposes, we use CARPROTECT ceramic coatings that offer unmatched strength and hardness keeping your equipment self-cleaning, and rust free.

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Ceramic Coatings

4-YEAR-INDUSTRIAL 10H Ceramic Coating

The Industrial 10H Ceramic Coating can only be installed by an CARPROTECT Master Installer.  This coating is applied in 1 or 2 stages either by hand, or by a professional grade spray gun. Is it recommended to have a 2-stage polish to ensure optimal results and maintain the warranty.

It is recommended to clean keep your vehicle/equipment free of dirt if possible. Clean your vehicle/equipment at least every two weeks. If you are located in a snowy area, careful removing snow, and clean your car at least once a week to remove road salts and other damaging substances.

Under Carriage / Exteriors
Engine Bays / Parts
Tool Boxes & Wheels
Polished Aluminum & Steel

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