Paint Correction

We quote each vehicle on a case by case basis, and are committed to a full inspection on every vehicle as part of the process. This involves measuring and documenting paint depth on all areas of the vehicle, as well as any scratches or problem areas. Factors that affect the quote include:
• Severity and pervasiveness of scratching
• Vehicle color
• Vehicle size and type
• Previous body repair

Other services include wet sanding, de-nibbing, etc. and are provided as required.

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The vehicle’s paint is prepped using a clay bar to remove all contaminants from the paint surface. Once the vehicle is ready, polishing removes surface scratches and brings your paint back to life. A three stage paint correction goes one step further to restore paint gloss and depth, and creates that ultimate mirror finish. We finish off with a water repellent sealant (or an IGL ceramic coating – price extra) that will help protect your paint and make cleaning easier due to the product’s hydrophobic characteristics.

*Vehicle surface must be clean prior to appointment.

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