CarProtect 9H GOLD CERAMIC is a revolutionary nano-silan hybrid. This advanced nano-silan ceramic coating penetrates and bonds to the paint surface, while forming a hydrophobic/oleo-phobic nano-layer. Reaching thicknesses up to 250 nm/layer, CarProtect 9H Ceramic has a robust abrasion resistant surface that will stand up to repeat cleaning.

– Car wash and jet wash resistant.
– High film hardness (9H) – much harder than any other wax, or polymer films.
– Renews old surfaces and faded paints.
– Easy to clean without the use of strong detergents.
– Fills micropores on a microscale, making the surface silky, and glossy.
– Outstanding hydrophobic and oleo-phobic properties.
– Temperature resistance up to 600 Celsius or 1112 Fahrenheit.
– Protects against water spots, bird droppings, and bugs.
– Strong UV protection.

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