CarProtect Plastic & Rubber REGENERATOR is a revolutionary product intended to renew interior and exterior plastic and rubber surfaces while protecting them for 2 years. With our special formulation that was developed for CarProtect Plastic & Rubber Regenerator, your tired and faded surfaces will look as good as new, most times even better. The ceramic infusing will also protect your trims and rubbers for many years to come.

– Restores faded plastic & rubber surfaces.
– Strong hydrophobic protection.
– Strong UV protection (up to 2 years).
– Excellent easy to clean effects.
– Breathable coating.
– Simple application (DIY).
– Chemical resistant.
– Short drying period (2-5 minutes tack free).
– High temperature resistance.
– Strong non-stick properties.
– Prevents contamination and lime-scale.
– Excellent durability (up to 2 years).
– Excellent color and depth enhancement.

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